I will be the council member that looks at the issues facing the community from a multitude of angles. My strength lies in actively listening to the people and giving them a voice. I advocate for the people and provide them opportunities to be included as a valued contributor, working toward progress. Bringing experience and diversity to the table, I will ensure that as Ferndale grows in size, we are prepared to succeed.

Leading the way, I will use facts and data to make informed decisions, strengthening Ferndale— preparing for its inevitable growth. I am willing to take a stand on difficult issues and work with citizens to ensure a brighter future.

Throughout my career and volunteer service, I have had the opportunity to learn about complex issues and work collaboratively toward improvement and resolution. My extensive service within Whatcom County demonstrates my commitment to improving the way citizens, business, schools, community and government connect and support each other. Our community is more interdependent than ever: families support businesses, businesses support resources, and resources support families. We need to work to preserve this delicate ecosystem and provide the appropriate infrastructure to sustain growth.